Digital Capture and Scanning

All fine art printing starts with a digital file.

CaliColor offers digital capture and high resolution scanning of your original artwork.

Digital capture by camera is suitable for larger framed and unframed art (up to 6 feet), and our flatbed scanners can process unframed originals up to 13 x 19. Digital capture orders include a proof on the material of choice.

Photographs, film positives or negatives, and 35mm negatives and slides can be scanned with an optical resolution up to 10,000ppi using the Creo IQSmart 3.

Scanning includes simple dust spotting, simple color/contrast correction and simple cropping and sizing. Additional Photoshop editing, restoration work, retouching and type composition must be authorized by the customer and is billed at $20.00 per 15 minute increment.

Digital Capture

Digital File Only, No Proof
(.jpg/.tif up to 10″ long side)
Originals up to 13×19$30
Originals from 14×20 to 20×24$45
Originals from 21×25 to 30×40$65
Originals from 31×41 to 60×72 (max)$85

High-Resolution Scanning (Creo IQSmart 3)

For Prints up to 5×7$5
For Prints up to 11×14$12
For Prints up to 16×20$18
For Prints up to 20×24$25
For Prints up to 30×40$45
For Prints up to 40×50$75
For Prints larger than 40×50$125

Economy Scanning (Nikon 5000)

This service is available from 35mm negatives and slides only.

For Prints up to 5×7$2.00
For Prints up to 8×10$5.00
For Prints up to 11×14$10.00
For Prints up to 16×20$12.00
For Prints up to 20×24$18.00