On-Demand Art Fulfillment

Take the worry out of order fulfillment in your online art store by partnering with CaliColor Fine Art Printing. Our team provides on-demand printing in a variety of sizes and formats plus convenient shipping directly to your buyer.

Benefits of On-Demand Printing

  • No inventory in your home or studio. Save space in your studio and minimize up-front cost by ordering only what you need, when you need it.
  • Faster shipping to your buyer. We help minimize delays in shipping by stocking packaging and boxes so they are ready to use.
  • Convenient monthly invoicing. See all of your monthly transactions in one place, and make your accounting that much easier.
  • Multiple paper, size, and finishing options. Give your buyers a choice with a variety of print sizes and paper qualities. Let them choose finished products in unframed or ready-to-hang styles.
  • Simplified order placement. Use our convenient online form to send in an order, or forward your store invoice.
  • No minimums and no long-term contracts. Order as many prints as you need with no monthly minimums and no contracts. We’re here to help you fulfill orders no matter when they are placed.

How to Get Started

  • It all starts with a Digital Image. On-demand printing requires a digital image on file with CaliColor for any print in your store that a customer can purchase.
  • Determine what sizes you will sell. Avoid cropping important elements of your artwork by sizing work appropriately for online sales. Our designers will not crop your artwork unless specifically directed by the artist. Artwork can be resized in even dimensions (example: 20×28 can also be printed 10×14 and 5×7 using the same digital image).
  • Choose an Art Paper and Finishing Option. We offer a variety of papers and finishing services for your completed project. Be sure to match your chosen services with those you offer on your website so customers receive exactly what they expect.