File Preparation Guide

Use this quick-guide to prepare your digital files for uploading to CaliColor. Starting with a high-quality digital file is the best way to ensure your artwork prints as expected. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss our design services.

Start with a high resolution scan.

  • All images, regardless of size, should be scanned at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at final print size. If your file is from a digital camera or is scanned at a lower resolution please do not resize the image in your photo editing program. Please contact us to determine the approximate size your photo can be printed.

Check your scan for quality.

  • Dust, Spot Check, Retouch, Edit, Crop, Adjust, and Size your scanned or digital camera file to the final print size. CaliColor will check the file you send prior to printing. If we detect a problem, we will contact you before proceeding. Please contact us if you require professional photo editing services.

Determine the final print size required, including border.

  • Printed images are trimmed to size. If you require borders around the finished print please size your file with the border space included. We offer a 1/2″ white border at no additional charge.

Save your file in high resolution.

  • Save the file as an uncompressed flattened TIFF or JPG. For optimum printing results, please include your working space when you save your file. (I.e. Adobe 1998, sRGB, Color Match)

Your file is now ready to send to CaliColor Fine Art Printing!